Playing Update
Monday 18 May
Members Only
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Based on a review of BRS between Wednesday and Sunday and feedback provided by members in response to the “TELL US WHAT YOU THINK” survey, the following conditions will apply to tee times for as long as we are restricted to playing in 2 balls by HM Government.

Only 1 round of 9 holes per day may be booked in advance. Members may now play with a guest upon payment of the green fee.
If, on completion of 9 holes, the 1st or 10th tee is COMPLETELY free, members may continue with their round. Please use your Smartphone to check BRS as you finish your 9 holes to reaffirm that the tee is indeed free.
With effect from Thursday 21st May members may book in advance to play 1 round of 18 holes per day from Friday, 29th May onwards. It will still be possible to book rounds of 9 holes up to 29th May.
We will try to avoid any limitation on how many times a member can play between Monday and Friday but members may have to be flexible about what time they play on these days. However, once 18 hole rounds are introduced, members should book only 1 round in advance for EITHER SATURDAY OR SUNDAY. This restriction will be policed.
Members may review BRS at any time on the day they wish to play, including weekends, and if there is a free tee time available it may be booked.

What Has Our Experience / Your Feedback Told Us?

There has been a lot of messages sent about restrictions and it is evident a “Frequently Asked Questions” summary would be useful to pull everything together in 1 place. This will follow before the end of the week.
Since we opened on Wednesday over 200 golfers have played the course each day. If we had started with 18 hole rounds, only 144 golfers would have been able to play each day. In these circumstances, we would have been forced to limit how many times a week members could play and someone would have been required to police BRS and the course. Our 9 hole option has enabled all golfers to play some golf.
There is overwhelming support for retaining the 9 hole option in the short term (72% of 89 respondents). However, a combined 46% want some option to play 18 holes if course conditions allow. This opinion is particularly strong amongst those who can only play weekends.
Members are concerned that any relaxation of the 9 hole format does not result in social distancing standards being compromised. So I’m repeating some of my previous messages:
Don’t tee off until your allotted time, 10 minute spacing is a directive from England Golf, ensures social distancing is maintained and is a great aid to the workflow of our greenkeepers.
Don’t “hang around” irresponsibly waiting for a free tee once your 9 holes is complete. If the course is busy, go home or to the practice ground. Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and we must maintain social distancing protocol and avoid congregating.
Don’t “jump around” holes (8th green – 12th tee for example). This can compromise social distancing on subsequent holes.
Don’t play in anything other than a 2 ball. If you do, you are breaking the law, spoiling the experience of other members and jeopardising the livelihood of your club.
Those members who identified themselves as key workers said they didn’t need specially reserved tee times as the 8 day advance booking option gave them sufficient access to the course.
Finally, members were universally complimentary about the course conditions and were very generous in their feedback to EMT about its response to both reopening the course and keeping members informed throughout this public health crisis. I would like to offer my personal thanks and gratitude to everyone who replied by e-mail or Commented on Facebook.

We have a very fine balance to achieve for as long as Government playing restrictions remain in force. We are moving as fast as we dare and as fast as restrictions allow to return to 18 hole rounds. PLEASE observe our guidelines and use common sense and consideration for others to ensure these guidelines work, particularly when deciding how often you need to play and, once on the course, whether or not you can safely continue your round after 9 holes. The safety of members and staff remains our priority and we need your full cooperation to see us through.

Play Safe, Stay Safe.


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