25 April

The previously pollarded oak trunk at the 7th has now been removed.

16 April

After a week of frosty mornings, it’s good to see warmer weather forecast for the weekend. Taking advantage of this we’ve sprayed the greens with liquid fertiliser/carbohydrates/bio stimulants today, as the soil temperatures rise we hopefully see some sustainable growth, and much needed seed germination.

5 apr

Update, the greens were micro tined and top dressed yesterday, to help true the surface they were mown and ironed today.
Hazard marker post have changed, we no longer have yellow water hazards, all are red.
New pins, hole cups and anniversary flags are now in use.

28 Mar

Summer conditions?? Not quite but a few changes for the weekend. Tomorrow morning the tee markers will be moved to the summer tees. On Saturday morning the 7th hole will be back in play. You’ll also notice we’ve started to remove some of the post and rope, the remaining will be removed next week. On the 7th hole however, the post and rope has been extended to prevent trolleys and buggies from accessing the newly turfed area and also the right hand side of the green which at long last has grass on it. Please do not remove these posts it’s for the benefit of the hole.

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