19 Nov

Notice - verti draining (deep spiking), the greens has started today, this will help keep the greens dry over the coming months, although it will have a negative effect on ball roll.
As each green is being done the pin will be moved onto a temporary position.
Thank you for your consideration while this work is being carried out.

Update on the 7th

16 November

Drainage has been installed, all shaping now complete and ready for turf. Turfing will be carried out in 2 stages, next week the fairway section between the 2 bunkers up to the green will be laid, the following week the rest of the site will be turfed. Just in case you forgot what it looked like, here’s a couple of before and final shaping pic.

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21.11.2018 07:19
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With the following restrictions: Buggies are not permitted Preferred Lies, par 3 tees are on winter mats. The 7th hole is closed for the winter, 13a is in play Verti draining the greens is being carried out this week, a temporary green will be in play as each green is being done.
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